A honor winning chronicle craftsman, Heather Forest has recorded eight collections of narrating. Songspinner: Folktales and Fables Sung and Told won a 1982 National Library Association Notable Record Award. Stories of Womenfolk, a gathering of women’s activist folktales, highlights bold and creative courageous women from world old stories.

Two accumulations of melodic folktales for more youthful audience members, both Sing Me A Story and Tales Around the Hearth, show exemplary nursery stories and have gotten the National Parenting Publications Gold Award for 2006. Her account, The Eye of the Beholder, including a special melodic form of ” Beauty and the Beast” won the 1993 Parent’s Choice Gold Classic Award. Her melodic gathering of Aesop’s tales, The Animals Could Talk, distributed with a lyrics, won a 1994 Parent’s Choice Gold Award. Ponder Tales from Around the World, with cello joining by Emily Metcalf got a 1996 Storytelling World Honor Recording Award. Its spin-off, World Tale of Wisdom and Wonder got a 2003 Storytelling World Honor Recording Award.

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