As of late, I caught a lady in the specialty store say to her partner, “I’m occupied with scrapbooking, however I don’t have any children—it appears like the main reason individuals make scrapbooks is to hand them down to their youngsters. I get it’s not for me.”

I needed to enlighten this lady concerning a companion of mine, an enthusiastic scrapbooker who doesn’t have youngsters. Rather, she makes collections of her own life, her side interests, occupation and family. Also, indeed, she in some cases scrapbooks photographs of children—yet they’re her nieces and nephews. I needed to support the lady in the store to try scrapbooking out, and to promise her that this art is inventive, fulfilling and has meaning—regardless of whether you have kids.

Weddings, excursions, employments and side interests are extraordinary for topic collections, and a 8″x8″ size is flawless—it’s sufficiently huge to catch the recollections and hold the photographs without being a goliath venture. There’s an unequivocal start and end, so you don’t need to feel overpowered.

The one thing I would exhort every single new scrapper is this: Don’t be strict when searching for themed supplies. In case you’re scrapbooking your excursion to Hawaii, don’t feel like you can just utilize Hawaiian-themed papers or embellishments. You’ll go insane searching all finished for these things, which you may purchase just due to the topic, rather than picking supplies that match your photographs. This is what I do: Based on the photographs, I pick three Colors—two principle hues and one emphasize. For a legacy page, that may be dark and cream with a couple of accents of red to light up it up. For a Hawaiian-themed design, I may pick blue and white with somewhat green. Take a gander at your photographs and see what hues emerge, at that point pick papers in those hues.

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